We Are Operational Technology Experts Focused Around Enabling Technologies for Warfighter Applications.

Top S&T expertise with operational environment background that streamlines technology integration. We attract top talent who can operate with a small business culture, unencumbered by traditional government boundaries. The best part of our job? We have the luxury of molding our solutions around our customers’ challenges, always geared towards our customer’s success.

About DARE Venture Group

The Mission

Provide the DoD ecosystem with innovative, dynamic solutions to their most pressing problem sets by employing a relentless warrior ethos utilizing unique talent and expertise.

The Solution

A small, surgical problem-solving team – much like a special operations unit – focused on the criticality of warfighter capabilities and emerging technologies. We merge together the best of two worlds: top government expertise and a small-business operating environment fostering innovation. We attract the top talent because we treat them as such, and encourage them to conduct themselves unencumbered by traditional government boundaries. We have the luxury of molding our solutions around the challenges we hear from our customers, and we don’t declare victory until they do.

The Leadership

Emma Przybyslawski

Co-Founder & CEO

Rob Novotny

Rob Novotny


Dan Marrujo

Dan Marrujo


Tony Przybyslawski

Tony Przybyslawski

Managing Director


Our Products

  • Specialized Contractor Personnel Augment Support (SETA, SE&I, etc.)
  • Strategic and Operational Technology Studies
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing of an Initiative (to include Senior Leader Engagement)
  • Capability Needs Assessment
  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Commander’s Action Group (CAG) for Hire
  • Special Project Support
  • Training Development
Dan Marrujo Competitive Differentiators

Competative Differentiators

  • Small business structure promotes ultimate flexibility
  • Small team dynamics cultivate innovative thinking
  • Everything we do is centered around solutions our customers tell us they need
  • We are uniquely positioned to bring the warfighter’s perspective to the development and enhancement of capabilities
  • World experts in critical technologies vital to the USG

Core Competencies

Service Before Self

92+ years of Department of Defense and Defense Microelectronic Activity experience.

Programmatic Exposure

Firsthand professional participation in ABMS, JADC2, GBSD, Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD), F-15EX, EPAWSS, Northern Approaches Surveillance System, E-7, AESA, MQ-9, RQ-170, Space Warfare, Bomber Modernization, and dozens of SAP programs

Warrior Mindset

6,500+ combined flight hours, combat Bronze Star awardee, and decades of combat service.

Industry Breadth

Commercial involvement includes major defense prime contractors, defense consulting firms, Fortune 100 software companies, and start-up technology companies.

Capitol Hill

Strong exposure within SASC, HASC, SAF/LL, multiple state delegations, and registered lobbyists ecosystems.

Expansive Network

Direct experience with and vast network throughout OUSD Acquisition and Sustainment, OUSD Research and Engineering, Secretary of the Air Force staff, the Air Staff, all COCOMs and MAJCOMs, Combat Air Force, Joint Special Operations, Intelligence Community, Space Force, Operational and Developmental Test, personnel domain, training domain, various Special Access Programs, and Five Eyes partners.

Technology Experts

Specialty areas include Microelectronics, Semi-Conductors, Data Collection & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, 5G, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Sensors, Satellites, Tactical and Operational Communications, Weapons, Electromagnetic Spectrum, and many more – World experts in S&T focus areas.

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