With Dare You Go Further

We bring horsepower innovation bandwidth expertise badasses “yes” so you can do more with less.

We bring horsepower innovation bandwidth expertise badasses “yes”
so you can do more with less.

Extensive Mission Expertise

Direct experience with and vast network throughout Office of the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Air Force staff, Space Force, Headquarters Air Force Staff, COCOMs, MAJCOMs, Combat Air Force, Joint Special Operations, Intelligence Community, Operational and Developmental Test, international partners, and many more.


Programmatic Exposure

Firsthand professional participation in major programs and initiatives, including JADC2, ABMS, GBSD, Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD), F-15EX, EPAWSS, Northern Approaches Surveillance System, E-7, AESA, MQ-9, RQ-170, Space Warfare, Bomber Modernization, dozens of SAP programs, and kill web applications.

Industry Breadth

Commercial involvement includes major defense prime contractors, defense consulting firms, Fortune 100 software companies, start-up technology companies, and small businesses.

Technical Domains

Data Collection, Analysis, and Transport Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Sensors, Satellites, Communications, Weapons, Digital Engineering, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.


We are a solution integrator laser-focused on gluing together the best mission expertise with innovative technologies to rapidly deliver warfighter capabilities.


Think of Dare as a Michelin chef. Michelin chefs are known for bringing together unique ingredients to deliver compelling dishes you didn’t even know were possible. Like these culinary experts, we bring together the finest ingredients for mission success and approach them with deep experience to create the art of the possible.

Dare is a small, high-powered problem-solving team focused on the criticality of the merge between warfighter capabilities and emerging technologies. Our team members bring together the best of two worlds: top mission expertise and a small-business operating environment that fosters innovation and agility. Dare attracts top performing customers and supports them to be unencumbered by traditional government boundaries. We have the luxury of molding our solutions around the challenges customers are presented with, and don’t declare victory until they do.

How We Serve You

We package our talents in many forms and pride ourselves in being able to create new ones on the fly that best fit our customers. Challenge us today with designing a new way of helping flatten your biggest speedbumps!

1. Specialized Contractor Personnel Augment Support (A&AS, SETA, SE&I, etc.)

Whether serving as a subcontractor to major programmatic contract awards or supplying direct support to the government, we bring the best talent possible to the everyday fight. More importantly, we are the most responsive force on the market when requirements change, ensuring we flex alongside our customers’ needs.

2. Strategic and Operational Technology Studies

When our customers outsource their technology problems to us, we have the ability to solve for them more rapidly and with the flexibility required to navigate between industry and government organizations. We employ the talent needed to solve a problem – a luxury the DoD does not always have in the timeline it needs.

3. Strategic Planning and Marketing of an Initiative (to include Senior Leader Engagement)

Are you telling your story to the right people? This is often overlooked and can be directly attributed to not gaining traction for an idea or initiative that could be game-changing. We are masters at creating strategic communications and advocacy plans, which are more skill-intensive and time-consuming than DoD offices tend to have within their organic resources.

4. Commander’s Action Group (CAG) for Hire

Want to add some juice to your most important command-driven projects? Our customers rely on us to think about their initiatives non-stop on their behalf – without the interruptions of additional duties. We add an expanded network and brainpower to a traditional CAG and are happy to bring the organic team along with us for professional development opportunities. Plus we give them all the credit!

5. Capability Needs Assessment

Don’t know what your gaps are? Need help defining the technological requirements that would underpin a bigger picture? We have the ability to provide a third-party perspective on what is truly needed to get from A to B, and potential speed bumps a customer might encounter along the way.

6. Root-Cause Analysis

Blame it on our Weapons School backgrounds, but we simply cannot resist a good Root-Case Analysis exercise. While we prefer to be on board before one of these would be required (and avoid it altogether), sometimes timing dictates a retroactive look at an action or effort to identify how it can be done better going forward.

7. Special Project Support

Obviously, the thesis of our company is bringing the right people to bear, at the right time, and in the right environment to help solve some of our customers’ biggest challenges. This looks different and could include training development, technology road-mapping, team workshops, etc. The bottom line remains that we have the ability to mold our specific solutions around the need our customers have.


Because we are privately owned, meaning our success is not driven by shareholders, but rather our customers. Our business structure promotes the ultimate flexibility to maneuver alongside our customer’s requirements as they evolve.

Our small team dynamics encourage an environment of dreaming up the art of the possible and then acting on it. And finally, we believe in the mission – and we won’t stop bringing the best we can to the fight to further the goal of enhancing capabilities for the warfighter…ever.